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Fri, 23 Jul 1999 12:03:13 EDT

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> My local expert said it came from having too thick a mulch, which 
>  >kept the plants too moist and rotted the roots. I have not disturbed that
>  >mulch in 10 years, and the plants had grown to be show pieces. They
>  >normally get acid fertlized twice a year, and watered during a drought. 
>  >
>  >Any ideas...?   No signs of disease or insects.
>  >

You have been having heat waves in NY right? I suspect it is related . If the 
roots are rotted or are being eaten by gophers (they do like them) or  a 
fungal infection affects the vascular system would show up in a 
sudden heat wave (cant get water to the leaves). When you pull them out you 
should be able to tell.