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> << Thai
> chile plants, they're compact and pretty plants, do nicely in a pot indoors >>
> The Thai Birds do make lovely compact plants.  The Thai Dragons and the Thai
> Orange peppers are quite a tall plant 3'+ and 2' diameter.  The bird chiles
> can even be potted in handing baskets 3 to a pot.  Just don't let them dry
> out.  They are good on a drip system.  They also make great Topiaries.  I
> have one in a large wreath shape and one that is braided and balled at the
> top.  There is a variegated leaf Texas chile that I have grown as topiaries
> as well.  Rosemary can be grown as bonsai quite successfully as well.
> Mary-Anne

The Thai chile that Cynthia is speaking of is just called the "Thai
Hot". A friends brother retired from the USAF and brought them back from
Thailand with him. The bush gets about four feet tall and about 2.5 to 3
feet in diameter and is very prolific. If you pot them and keep them
pruned they will stay at about 2 feet tall and 1 in diameter and still
produce. I believe I sent you some of the seed too Mary-Anne.