Re: [gardeners] Big corn plants but no corn...

George Shirley (
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 21:23:29 -0500

Craig Watts wrote:
> This was a post I sent to Byron. Don't have the "hang" of the room thing
> yet and have been obsevrving.
> How do I post to the room???
> You may find your corn question answered a little here.
> anyway, here it is...
Well, first of all, it's a mailing list, not a chat "room." Generally,
if you just hit the reply button you will reply to a post. If you want
to sent an original post send it to and the
list will receive it. If you're on digest you won't want to hit reply as
you will send out another copy of the digest. Hey, what the heck, we're
not a busy list, practice awhile and good gardening.

George Shirley