Re: [gardeners] grey water

penny x stamm (
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 01:13:25 -0400

Joy, I did my thing with grey water during the last horrendous
drought (I think 1985). My entire family was coming for a garden
party in celebration of my dad's 85th birthday -- and it had not 
rained even once since June, by August 25th, his day. So I had
planted only a few flowers here and there in the yard, and I
religiously carried buckets of veggie rinse water and whatever 
else seemed logical down the back steps and out to the back
wall, for weeks. 

We set up the whole bar-b-que, the tables, the works -- and 
just as the folks arrived, down came the rain. The REAL rain,
of course!  What a scramble -- what chaos fitting them all
inside -- but what pure joy to get the rain <g>.....  

 Penny, NY

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