Re: [gardeners] No rain...???

penny x stamm (
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 23:05:34 -0400

Well, George, we have had our own nightmare.  Electricity is
expensive up here. Ordinarily we get a bill for June & July of
about $350 and there are only two of us, but the house has
9 rooms and is air conditioned. This season the bill came in at
$575 for the same period..  I tried 4 times to discuss it with 
Con Ed, but they are so automated that no customer service
person ever gets on line. Instead, there is an announcement that 
if we are calling about the sudden rise in our electric bill, it was
caused by the fact that we had 20 days over 90*, instead of our 
usual 5 days.  It takes more power to run an air conditioner when
it is so hot outside, also to run the fridge, the freezer, just about 
everything. Fortunately, we cook with gas. 

I know that in summertime the price of gas & electricity goes up,
because the usage rises -- even that's backwards, isn't it?  Next
thing will be a letter to my congressman.......
Penny, NY

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