Re: [gardeners] Hoist in my own petard

margaret lauterbach (
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 08:19:48 -0600

At 12:36 AM 9/1/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Margaret, you're near Boise, are you not? Is this cool
>weather normal for the last day of August...? 
>If so, that's a mighty short growing season for you folks!

It isn't frosty, yet, but in the past I have experienced frost in my garden
in early Sept. Extension office and weather bureau say the average date of
first frost is about Oct. 8, but I usually have it earlier, and I'm less
than 200 yards from the weather bureau. They measure the temp 5 feet off
the ground, my garden is at ground level. Cold falls.

We're getting some ripe tomatoes, but obviously the Paul Robeson is
mismarked seed, and is ripening to red. Corn (Sugar Buns) is excellent, and
so are the green beans. Yum.  

Your being trapped by your rhodies reminds me of the times that Chuck has
locked me out of the house. Doesn't think to look and see if I'm working in
the front yard. I've pitched some proper fits about that, and he hasn't
done it for a couple of years, knock on wood.  Margaret L