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Ron Hay (
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 16:13:03 -0700

Hello, Penny,

I must say I loved your post this a.m.. Hope you are not too battered
and bruised.

As a transplant to Southern California 33 years ago, I still have a
longing for tulips and rhodies and lilacs, none of which that are worth
their salt, will grow here.

When I was an undergraduate at SUNY Albany in the early '60s, I lived a
few blocks from Washington Park, which had one of the most beautiful
displays of tulips I have ever seen.

As a sort of substitute, I have ordered various and sundry daylillies
which will allegedly thrive in zone 9, Sunset zone 21, with long hot,
dry summers and only about one or two nights of frost, with temps in the
high 20's-low 30's.

Do any of you Southern California gardeners have any words of wisdom for
me on which bulbs will thrive here in the San Fernando Valley?


Van Nuys

penny x stamm wrote:

> .
> Kris, I successfully planted 400 tulips in front of my house a
> few years ago, and then covered them pinned to the ground
> with bird netting, very inexpensive stuff, cannot rot, almost
> cannot tear!  When spring came and the tulips were pushing
> the netting up, I removed it completely, and the critters did
> leave them alone...  Maybe it was my lucky year, don't know.
> But I am going to try it again this fall.....
> .
> .
> Penny, NY zone 6
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