Re: [gardeners] tulips

penny x stamm (
Fri, 3 Sep 1999 00:29:57 -0400

Margaret, I do remember Judy Garland doing that tramp
act where she danced like a rag doll -- could it have been
with Ray Bolger....?  I don't think it was Micky Rooney....? 
Anyway, never saw the performance to which you referred. 
Would have been hilarious! 

It was deja vue today -- Jimmie had stepped into a terrible
hole in the front lawn while mowing last week, and he wanted
me to hold up the monstrous sidewalk slate while he filled the
hole with dirt. Con Edison had repaired a gas leak months ago,
then we had a severe drought, and the 3" rain of last Thursday
moved enuff soil to create the void....   Well, I could not agree 
with Jim's priority of projects, myself being up on a ladder at the 
moment, so Jimmie got mad and stormed out of the house. 
The cleaning lady yelled after him, "Mr.Stamm, jip up!"  No
response. She bellowed, "MR.STAMM~!  ZIP UP~!!!!"  And
Mr. Stamm simply strode down the front sidewalk to the hole
at the curb, obviously too angry to listen.  Well, we've had an old 
saying between us for years, so I put on my best Ethyl Merman 
voice and shouted, "Jimmie ---!!!  What do airplanes do...????"

He zipped. 
Penny, NY

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