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bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 7 Sep 1999 06:58:20 -0500

I wish you luck with your leaky spot!
I have had to track down those crazy things before and it can be so surprising
as to where the water really is coming from. That water can run in from
someplace you wouldn't even think of sometimes! With all the drought and dry
ground in many areas I am sure many people will be finding cracked foundations
and pipes from the overly dry cracked ground.

        One good thing about the backhoe. If you don't have one now it would
only take a few dips from the backhoe to make a really nice water feature. Now
where would you like to add a nice little pond of coi?

zone 7a
aka " Ranchmama "
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> If we have negative results from this test, then we will have to bring
> in a back hoe, and tear up the back yard.
> Penny, NY