Re: [gardeners] Fall in Southern California

margaret lauterbach (
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 09:43:14 -0600

At 07:23 AM 9/7/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Good morning, one and all. What strange weather we are having here in
>the San Fernando Valley! This time of year should see temperatures at or
>over 100 degrees; but all last week, we crept up into the low 80s, with
>night time temps of high 50s. Not good weather to set more beefsteak
>Several 1.5 lb beefsteaks are still ripening, but the vast plentitude of
>cherries, Romas, and Early Girls are past...even though we do have about
>20 Early Girls ripening on the vine.
>Well, dear friends, having had fun in our garden all weekend, the work
>week beckons.
>Van Nuys, CA
Au contraire, Ron. Nights of high 50s, daytime temps below 95 is perfect
weather for tomato fruit set. As for Romas, you get what you planted
(showing my prejudice here). So many people grow that tomato, it's amazing
that other tomatoes even exist. You can buy that stuff in the grocery
store, year-round. Why devote some of your precious soil to growing those?
There is at least 1,000 better varieties of tomato to grow. Margaret L