[gardeners] Tuesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 19:47:38 -0500

It's been awhile since I could report on the state of the garden so here

We've got a new crop of yellow-eyed beans blooming and the crowders are
still producing. In the chile division we have Thai Hots, paprikas,
pimientos, Longhorns, and those yellow ones we grew last year (noticed a
volunteer was up out by the compost heap and covered with chiles),
there's even a couple of bells surviving. Tomatoes are all gone, well,
mostly. Miz Anne has got a year-old HeatWave II that's still growing but
it's not producing. I think she's gonna pot it up and try to overwinter
it again.

The bunching onions are doing well but the shallots all died. Still have
a few garlic plants growing and showing no sign of yellow yet.

The herb garden is doing well but those motley cultivated weeds love dry
weather. Dried 8 trays of oregano, another 8 of thyme, 6 of parsley, and
4 of Mexican Mint Marigold. Tomorrow I hope to put on a few trays of
winter savory and some bronze fennel.

The Ponderosa lemon tree is still covered with fruit, some bigger than
grapefruit, but showing no sign of ripening yet. The kumquats are loaded
with fruit and I have high hopes of harvesting beaucoup in
October/November. I harvested about two cups of elderberries, not enough
for jelly, but enough for a taste.

The pear wine finally finished perking and has been bottled. Dug out the
Austrian "lightening top" bottles out of the attic and went into the
wine/beer shop in town. Luckily they had the little rubber rings for the
ceramic tops on the bottles. Ended up with 18 liters of pear wine, a
little raw at the moment but six months to a year should mellow it out
pretty good. I don't drink the stuff but Miz Anne likes the occasional
glass and the neighbors and relatives always appreciate it as gifts.
Most are wise enough to return the bottles so they can be "gifted" again
and again.

It's been so blooming hot around here, with heat indexes in the 104 to
105F range on a daily basis that the little cool front that blew in last
night felt good. I don't think the temps got higher than 90 all day and
the humidity was down around 70 percent. That's no joke folks, that's
our weather here in humidity and mosquito town.

My eldest grandson was injured in an industrial accident nearly two
weeks ago and he just called to tell us that the splints came off both
arms and that the doctor said he won't need any skin grafts. He'll be
scarred up pretty bad but will recover full use of both arms. He was
installing a garage door spring and it broke. He threw up both arms to
keep the parts from hitting him in the head and the metal tore his arms
up pretty good. Thank goodness for 911 and good ambulance companies over
in the Houston area. We're pleased that he's doing well and will be able
to continue at college. Pretty neat kid, works nights and weekends to
pay for his tuition and upkeep so he won't have to take out student
loans. Hope it lasts for him.

Hope all are doing well and are preparing for cooler weather. Don't
think it will be much longer as the humming birds are moving through in
ever increasing flocks now. I'm filling the feeders every two days and
if we get another good little norther in this bunch will hope the Gulf
into Mexico and Central America. So far it's just ruby throats but
believe I saw a black-chinned male today.

Life is good.