[gardeners] Re: Rain

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 00:36:02 -0400

>        One good thing about the backhoe. If you don't have one now it 
>would only take a few dips from the backhoe to make a really nice 
>water  feature. Now where would you like to add a nice little pond of
Rings a bell -- I had originally wanted a fish pond in the rear corner
of the back yard, but was talked out of it because apparently the 
woodchucks or the racoons would make a game of swatting the 
fish out of the water, just for sport. Or so I was told...  That's why I
put in a small Japanese garden over there, instead. 

My neighbor just had 16 woodchucks trapped and removed to
the country at the cost of $65 each... They had nested under her deck. 
Another neighbor only had 3 woodchucks, and she was charged
$85 each.  Sounds like an interesting career to go in to..... 

I had always wanted a Chinese garden, but that would have 
required a tall wall all the way around, with a 6' high keyhole
shaped entrance doorway, and a large stela (stone monument)
placed about 2 ft inside blocking the view of the garden from the
outside. Its purpose would be to keep out the ghosts, since
they will not go around corners.....    

I would have to win the lottery for that one, however -- or else
become a successful day trader.
Penny, NY

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