[gardeners] Matt Trahan

M J Trahan (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 20:16:49 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Everyone!

 Thanks for your kind thoughts. Hope you're all doing well.
 I had my email address changed for me when my ISP, MCI, sold out to CWIX. CWIX will shortly be selling out to Prodigy...
 I've been resubscribed to gardeners for a while now using email.com and that will be my main address for at least another 6 months. 

 I have been a bit preoccupied recently with: 

   A)a pending divorce 

   B)raping my garden to my garden buddies delight (not really, but I'm glad most of the plants and the fish are going to good homes.) 

   C)moving into a small apartment and sorting through 9 years worth of accumulated stuff.

 Sue and I are doing pretty good, no kids, no fights on personal stuff and we're selling the house. Together we're doing everything we can to find homes/keep for the 2 dogs and 2 cats. 
   Splitting the 'kids' up and giving up my great dane Smokey is the hardest part, but she's going to a better home than even we gave her (she's spoiled rotten already!) So it's really just a matter of me realizing that she'll be better off. Smokey's going to a family living on five acres in a quiet area near town. They already have an 8 month old great dane and the dogs get along great. Sue will be taking the little dog Sammy and the cats are going to a different good home.
 I work intown mostly, but my boss can call up on a Thursday night and ask if I can go out of town to West Virginia for 4 days, and "You'll be leaving tomorrow morning. Is that ok?" Yes is presumed to be the correct asnwer. ;-)
 Love the job, just a little hard to schedule things around it. Smokey would end up stuck in the house with her only contact being a petsitter twice a day. On rare occations we can go out of town for several months at a time. It wouldn't be fair to Smokey to try to keep her while living alone.

  Most of the garden is going to a number of friends except for a few huge specimens. And that will probably be the right amount of plants for most people moving in anyway. (would LOVE to dig up the 20 foot Eucaliptus, but it and the 7 year old row of pampas grass will still look wonderful whenever I drive past and the pampas hides whatever will be happening with the new owners.)

 I'm going to a commercial dive school in southern Louisiana for 4 months beginning the middle of October. I've been working for a company up in Portsmouth, Virginia for almost a year now. I've been doing some diving for them, but there is a company liability problem without further training. I've taught scuba diving since 1990 and been underwater since 1986, but never worked as a hardhat diver before. So it's off to Loiusiana to make it official.
 I was scheduled to begin school in July, but a few other things sort of got in the way...

   Gardening wise I have several friends that are letting me store large amounts of starts in 3,5,7 gallon tubs in their yards, so it's just a matter of finding a place to move into when I return from Louisiana in late February. I already have most of the garden planned in my mind, just a matter of finding a small house with a small yard to move into. I'll most likely be moving up to Portsmouth, Virginia where my company is based. There's a great little neighborhood about half a mile away from work with just what I'm looking for at a price I hope I can afford. Lots of the homes have wonderful huge garden beds and tiny lawns, so I'm hoping it will all work out when I return to the area.

   The house stuff and personal stuff are sorting themselves out really well and Sue and I talk more now than we did when we were still living together. We both still care about each other, but we have seperate friends, seperate hobbies, seperate job schedules, and basically, seperate lives. We have finally decided to end what has mostly just been a friendly roommate situation for several years now. 

 I have limited computer time now so it may take several days before I can answer your email, but I look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance!

Have fun and take care,
Matt Trahan    tropicalgarden@email.com
northeastern North Carolina, USDA zone 8
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