Re: [gardeners] Devastating

margaret lauterbach (
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 14:36:58 -0600

At 01:25 AM 9/10/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I agree, Joy -- one cannot have too much hoochy koochy. 
>That Brazilian bombshell was a ball 'o fire -- hope they 
>appreciate her up there in heaven..
>I had another God-awful experience on Tuesday. It being the
>last day of the New York State "no tax on clothing" special
>week,  I flew out the door to go buy a new bra. And I got to see
>myself in a 3-way mirror, which occurance is enuff to wake
>the dead. 
>Penny, NY
I know how you feel, Penny. I have one of those old ladies in my house,
too. I try to close my eyes when I spot her entering the realm of the
mirror. But you can use that to your advantage. Tell Jimmie if he's going
to flash the neighbors, you will too. Neighborhood Moves; Houses Ripped
from Foundations. Nothing Left But a Curl of Smoke and One Howling Dog.
Woman Responsible Eyes Beach Property. Plans to Move Rhododendron Hedge. 

Margaret L