[gardeners] Weather and gardens

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 11 Sep 1999 19:14:21 -0500

Our days and nights right now are mostly very pleasant, ideal for
gardening. Temperatures drop into the low-to-mid seventies at night and
back up into the high eighties by 2 or 3 pm until about an hour before

Got out this morning and picked a small bucket of mixed chiles for
chopping and freezing. Was beginning to pick some herbs for drying when
the phone rang and we found out some old friends were coming by. Had not
seen them since about 1987 and they were in the area for an RV rally. Ed
and I worked together shift for shift for several years back in the
sixties and seventies so we are pretty close. We've stayed in touch in
the usual ways over the years, Xmas cards, etc.

After a nice visit of a few hours duration Miz Anne, Sleepy, and myself
took a nice nap. Piled up on the floor in close proximity. After that it
was back out to the garden to do some more work and to clean the kitchen
up. I had made an emergency gumbo when I heard they were on the way and
just left the kitchen messy. It's always nice to visit with friends. Ed
and Marilyn no longer garden as they are into RVing now. They did seem
to enjoy the guided tour to our gardens and Marilyn particularly enjoyed
the flower beds.

Tomorrow morning it will be up early and finish with the herbs, some
crowder peas that need picking and yanking out some stuff that is dying
anyway. Think I'll go down to the feed store after that to see what they
might have in winter plants. Bout time to plant broccoli and cabbage

Life is good.