Re: [gardeners] Rain

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 00:18:57 -0400


This is when you really begin to enjoy your pond. :-)
I love to just enjoy mine, and I spend little time on doing stuff
for it.  We got several inches of rain from Dennis.    It rained
every day for a while, and some days we got 5 and 6 inches
of rain.  The creeks and streams were above or near flood
stage.   I just hope Floyd misses us or gives us a chance to
recover somewhat from the rains of Dennis.   And I know the
people in northern NC got it worse than we did.
You went to Plant Delights today???   So did I!!
My oldest child and I went!   We got up there about lunch time
though, probably after you had left.    Bummer!
One of these days, we'll have to do better and meet!
I spent less than $100 this time so I felt good about it. :-)
I got some plants that should look great around my pond if I
can just get them in the ground!  I work 8 hours
tomorrow then 13 hours Monday and Tuesday.    Maybe if
I don't have to spend all day inside, I can get them planted
on Wednesday.  :-)
Glad things seem to be going well for your daughter.  :-)
For all those in the area, Plant Delights is open Sunday,
Sept 11, then again next Fri, Sat, and Sun.  They have
wonderful display gardens and great plants, several of which
are difficult to find anywhere else.

Coastal Carolina

>Well at least we finally have some cooler temps, even though it is still
>dry as a bone here.  I am going to have to add some water to the pond if we
>don't get a good rain soon.  Even though Dennis brought my water level up a
>little, maybe two inches, I still need more.  I have neglected the pond
>this season, used to fuss with it a lot but now I am just enjoying it.
>Thought of you today when I was at the Plant Delights open house.  Did you
>go this time?  Got a varigated fern that I am crazy about.  After plant
>shopping I met my daughter in Raleigh for lunch.  It was the first time we
>had visited since she took off for college.  She seems fine so Mom is
>Take Care!
>Myra Amler
>"Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?" Unknown