Re: [gardeners] more to come...

Martha Brown (
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 10:12:02 -0500

>At 12:50 AM 9/21/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>Yes, Margaret, and the rivers in North Carolina haven't
>>crested yet!  We're due for fresh rain coming from the
>>west, starting by morning.  I tremble. . .
>>We expect to start digging down to search for a  certain
>>pipe just as soon as I am willing to tear out my large annual
>>flower bed.  Jim says he'll start with a 3x3x3.5 ft hole,
>>and if we don't find the pipe, he'll continue. I told him he
>>might as well dig it 3x6x3.5 -- after all, he's almost 78 years
>>old, and only a maniac would undertake this.....
>>Penny, NY zone 6, getting cooler.....
>And that isn't the only time you've referred to him as a maniac. ROTFLMAO.
>June, if there's water running through that pipe you might be able to
>located it with a stethoscope...Just don't let the neighbors see you.
>Margaret L

You may also be able to "witch" the location if there is running water in
them and they aren't too deep with 2 pieces of baling wire or wire from two
wire clothes hangers.  Shape 2 wires into L's with the long side of the L
about a foot long.  Hold the wires with the short sides in your hands
loosely--long side pointed straight in front.  Walk slowly across the area.
The wires will move together and perhaps even cross above the line.  Water
lines are harder than electric lines to find this way but it does work.
Something to do with magnetic field or static electricity or something.

Honest-----I didn't believe it either when the electrician showed me.  Now I
do pretty well at finding them.

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