Re: [gardeners] OT-birthday wishes, etc.

Jane Burdekin (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 10:36:56 -0600

I'm glad Boots will be ok.  That is a horrible thing to happen.  Poison is
such a harsh thing.  My dog is quite picky about food, but I bet he would
take a pill in a hot dog too, and he does like icecream.  He will be a year
old on Oct 1, at least that is the day we deemed as his birthday based on
the baby teeth that were coming out when we found him and what the vet
figured.  Yep, our gardening season is almost over, got down to 40 again
last night.  The deer came along over the weekend and ate all the leaves
off my new hostas here at work.  Guess they will be down for the winter
too.   Better get some of those seed catalogs.   


At 11:19 AM 9/27/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Jane,
>    Thanks for the birthday wish and for the good wishes for Boots. He
>appears to be ok, just a little under weight. Judy is taking care of
>that as soon as possible. Boots is getting his pills in little slices of
>hot dogs. Since he is such a good dog about his pills, he is rewarded
>with a bowl of ice cream every night.
>    Margaret, Happy Belated Birthday to you, too.
>    If any of you gardeners are birdwatchers/birdfeeders, for us
>Southron folk, it's the beginning of a good time of the year. We are
>seeing lots of migrating birds. Got to have something to do in the
>winter time besides wearing out those seed cataloges.
>Bastrop Co.
>SE Central Tx.