Re: [gardeners] more to come...

Jane Burdekin (
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 08:32:47 -0600

It looks like our season is over judging from the big white flakes falling
from the sky this morning.  About a quarter inch buildup on top of the
birdfeeder outside my office window.  So I covered the raspberries and
peppers and pulled up the basil.  Most everything else is done.  Guess I
better get those perennials planted that are still in the flats.  Never did
get those two six packs of impatiens planted.  Oh well, I guess there is
always next year.  

zone 5 Colorado

At 11:13 AM 9/28/99 -0300, you wrote:
>Hi Penny
>We were fortunate and just had high winds and a heavy downpour.
Electricity was out in my area for 4 hours only.  No flooding locally.
Last storm that blew in - Gert?  - so many I can't recall which one, did
some major flooding and washed out some small bridges and roads in one part
of the province.  Still consider ourselves lucky.  And I hear N. Carolina
is due for more rain.  Poor souls. 
>>>> penny x stamm <> 09/25/99 12:47AM >>>
>Penny in Halifax, 
>Did Floyd's rough weather reach up the coast
>as far as you? Were you affected...?
>Penny in NY
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