[gardeners] Fall gardening

Ron Hay (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 07:46:12 -0700

Hello, George, Jane and other online friends. Our herbs are just jettin'
along. The basil is so profuse that we have decided to let this batch go
to seed and to plant new seeds as soon as it is done. Sun still gets to
the foundation on the east side of our house, even in the cooler months.

Chives are in bloom again, and the oregano is going to be THE ground
cover on the west side of our yard, in between the waning boysenberries,
amaryllis belladonae, and ivy geraniums.

Roses are still going gangbusters, limes continue to ripen, as do seeds
from our ginger plant, which I am saving to plant in a better location.
Colchias are coming up, too, with their exotic purple blooms. Pole beans
are beginning to vine. And, as of this morning,  I counted 89 ripening
passion fruit, just a little smaller than baseballs.

It's a lovely time of year in L.A., Santa Anas notwithstanding. It's
just a little frustrating that there is so little daylight in which to
garden when we get home from work.

Our garden is both fun and good therapy for us. We have both lived in LA
a little over 31 years (a while longer than we knew each other, then
married), but had lived in a condominium or apartment for most of that
time, and this is only the second year we have had a garden. What a
liberating and delightful experience.

Happy gardening to you all!
Van Nuys, CA