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George Shirley (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 18:05:59 -0500

Penny Nielsen wrote:
> Ah well Margaret - don't feel too bad.  It took me almost a year to get an appointment with a plastic surgeon.  They sent off the details to our 'provincial medical insurance' (MSI) to see if they would OK it, i.e. pay for it.  I waited and waited to hear from the plastic surgeon and finally called them.  Yes, it had been OK'd by MSI.  "When can I get it done?"  - Oh, that will be 4-5 years, 3 if you're real lucky.  "What about if I pay for it myself" I asked.  No diff. 4-5 years.  Meanwhile, back pain, grooves in my shoulders, etc.  They finally hired another plastic surgeon, so maybe in 3 years time I might get in.   Most of the time I'm glad for public health systems!
> Penny in Halifax, N.S.
If you're talking about the same surgery I think you are you can
probably get it done next week in the lower 48, particularly if you're
willing to pay for it. Daughter-in-law had it done several years ago and
says she feels much better all the time now plus no back pain, no
grooves in shoulders and a, to her and us, better looking profile.