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Harry Boswell (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 10:19:19 -0500

Oh, some daylilies will definitely be in the mix - I've got 'em all over my
yard!  I'm considering a few of the new Encore azaleas, but azaleas
are used so much here in Mississippi (I'm guilty, I have several) that
I would like to do something a little different.  But!  You've started me
thinking about the little Gumpo azaleas, and they might be perfect!


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> Good morning, Harry,
> Have you considered azaleas as a possible choice of low growing shrubs?
> you considered interspersing some daylillies (stella de oro comes to
> or a mixed array/color of calla lillies. All of those seem do do well in
> locale in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley, where winters tend to be mild, with
> only one or two freezes per rainy season. We are zone 9+, Sunset zone 21.
> Ron Hay,
> Van Nuys, CA
> Harry Boswell wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > I haven't had much to say lately, so I thought I'd grace y'all
> > with a little something  ;-)
> >
> > As you may remember, I've removed all the shrubs from the front
> > of the house.  There's a 12-foot cleyera on the side that I haven't
> > tackled yet, but it'll come down next week after I get back from North
> > Carolina.  I've built a retaining wall around the south end of the
> > and I've added dirt and stuff to bring it up to level.  The only thing
> > I've planted are 2 "Natchez" crepe myrtles, in the center of each
> > side of the front.  I'm wanting to add a few low shrubs around each
> > crepe myrtle, but I'm haveing trouble deciding what I want.  It's
> > got to be low growing (< 2 feet, preferably);  i would really like a
> > color other than green, at least sometimes, so I'm thinking in
> > terms of maybe a lorepetalum, or Harbor Dwarf nandina, or
> > maybe pygmy crimson barberry.  I'm still looking.  I'll be planting
> > lots of bulbs in the new beds over the next few weeks, except
> > for the tulips - those have to be refrigerated for 6-8 weeks here
> > before planting.  I'm considering building a small structure, sort
> > of a half-arbor, at each corner of the house for a vine of some sort.
> > But I'm not in a rush, so I may end up mulching most of it and waiting
> > for spring and more inspiration.
> >
> > Tomorrow morning, we make our annual trek to Duke University to
> > visit our daughter, so maybe I'll walk around the Sarah Duke Gardens
> > and get some ideas  :-)
> >
> > Harry