[gardeners] Ornamental Sweet Potato

Linda Baranowski-Smith (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 21:44:23 -0400

Hello All,

It's time to clean the garden.  Frost is hitting hard.  Today I pulled the
leaves from an ornamental sweet potato vine ("Blackie") in a flower bed.
The vine had gone crazy but was a nice contrast over the summer to the
begonia, sun coleus, and scaevola.  I dug to see whether there were any
decent potatoes underground.  Yup, there was a bumper crop from this one
plant!  They are huge!

Since sweet potatoes aren't my typical northern garden plant, my questions
are...  May I assume they are edible even though they're from an ornamental
cultivar?  I understand sweet potatoes need to be cured in a warm, dark
place.  Is that correct?

Linda in NW Ohio near Toledo/Lake Erie, USDA Zone 5