Re: [gardeners] Something to do right now!

Penny Nielsen (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 15:42:57 -0300

Thanks Margaret.  Will still try and remember to look up the word.


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>Know I should know what petard means and it does sound French, but for the
life of me I can't rmember and no dictionary handy.  Explanation, please.
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>Me, too. I was wondering how many petards Penny has? Margaret L
When she was attacked and held prisoner by her rhodies, the subject line
read "Hoist by my own petard." It means caught in one's own trap. Petard
actually means an explosive device used to blast castle doors open, etc.,
during a siege. I had thought it meant one of those lances they used on
which to mount the severed heads of the enemy, but I was wrong. Margaret