Re: [gardeners] Something to do right now!

penny x stamm (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 00:48:22 -0400

>>Me, too. I was wondering how many petards Penny has? Margaret L
>When she was attacked and held prisoner by her rhodies, the subject 
>line read "Hoist by my own petard." It means caught in one's own trap. 
>Petard actually means an explosive device used to blast castle doors 
open, etc.,during a siege. I had thought it meant one of those lances 
they used on which to mount the severed heads of the enemy, but I was
 wrong.      Margaret   >>>>>>>>>>>>

Bravo, Margaret -- and a first class question you have posed.  I would
roughly estimate, by dint of my personality, that I could easily hang
myself quite unintentionally in a dozen places...  There was a time
when I got so mad at Jimmie that I painted the big steel garage door
with the words:   STALAG 33  ..... obviously a take-off on that memorable
old movie about the American prisoners-of-war.   I also ran away
from home on two nights,  abandonning Jimmie and the five kids,
but what with the household being so organized, they never missed
me so I quit that. 

You did fail to tell the folks the other meanings of a petard -- #2 is a
certain kind of firecracker; #3  comes from the original Latin to mean 
'breaking wind'. . . . 

Penny, NY 

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