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Wed, 27 Oct 1999 18:18:06 -0500 wrote:
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> >Good moring, George.
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> >Lovely narrative as usual. Could you please enlighten me as to what a mayhaw
> >tree is?
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> >Thanks
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> >Ron
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> Well, it may hem, or it may haw...but if you get may hem, the cops arrive.
> Now what happens if it may hee? Well it does that if you tickle the bark,
> right under the lower limbs. A may haw is a tree belly laugh.
> George, have you tried root pruning this malcontent? Margaret

Well, a mayhaw is a uniquely southern tree to the best of my knowledge.
Bears a reddish orange fruit about the size of quarter, maximum, in,
guess what, May. Folks down here make a nice jelly and sometimes wine
out of them. They're a bit astringent for eating out of hand. Far as I
know, and I haven't looked this up, they're a member of the haw family.
Guess I could do a web search and would probably find that Texas A & M
has information on them. They grow wild here and a number of people now
plant them in orchards and cultivate them for the fruit. There's a
company in Many, LA that makes the jelly and ships it around East Texas
and most of Louisiana. Starks, LA has a mayhaw festival every year with
jelly making contests, etc.

Nope, haven't tried root pruning them. Guess I could do that with the
machete rather than trying to whup 'em into bearing. How far out do you
go from the trunk for root pruning a fruit tree, anyone have any idea?
Would like for them to bear as I do like my mayhaw jelly but don't like
paying 3 to 5 bux for a pint jar.

George, home from getting the flu shot