[gardeners] Stripped Kitty Story...

Cheryl Van De Grift Edson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 10:17:04 PST

Hi All,

My brother was dating a young woman (he's not so young) - she was about 25 
years his junior.  He was trying to impress her and her family with what a 
helpful and handy guy he is and jumped right in to help her father get rid 
of a skunk they'd trapped in their barn.  My brother is very handsome, 
somehow adding the the comedy (the queen falling in the mud is much funnier 
than a peasant falling in the mud).  Being very intelligent, he and the 
girl's father devised a shield out of cardboard that they kept between them 
and the offending stinker.  It must have looked pretty funny, they're both 
big men hunkered down behind a piece of cardboard approaching the cage with 
the skunk in it.  Then they had the problem of what to do when you get close 
enough to pick it up.  I think they used a big stick to pick up the cage - 
you could hear the spray hitting the cardboard and the aroma!  My brother 
ruined his shoes in the process - they had to pick up the cardboard, in 
unison, to take steps, revealing the toes of their shoes to the skunk's 
spray.  He thinks the skunk has an unlimited amount of spray!

I can just picture it...

Thanks for the memories, Cheryl Van De Grift Edson in Boise, Idaho

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