Re: [gardeners] State of the list, and other things

penny x stamm (
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 00:19:33 -0500

Hi, Ron -- you make it all sound so easy harvesting all those
exciting foods -- and yet we never hear about how much work it was
to get them growing..  I understood that you were rather new to 
Gentleman Farming, but I must be wrong. You and Vivian must spend 
an enormous amount of time in the garden --  same as us -- only we
end up with ornamentals instead of edibles! 

BTW, Mexican sage is one of my favorites -- here it is an annual. You
are right, the color is wonderful.

Would you share your recipe for Danish red cabbage with vinegar
and current jelly...?  That rings my bell.

Penny, NY zone 6