[gardeners] Thanksgiving & Christmas Cactus information wanted....

Rockymrw@aol.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 19:53:15 EST

I  have two hanging baskets filled with  what I was refering to as Christmas 
Cactus. I think mine *thinks* it's a Halloween Cactus.:-) They have been 
blooming since then.
 One is white with red edge blooms, red center. The other is mostly red 
tinged with white. Very beautiful full baskets of solid bloom that are 
starting to droop a little now that Thanksgiving is coming!!. 
 I would like very much to have other colors  of this plant. I read in the 
Thompson &Morgan catalog that there is a collection offered on page 57 of 
 Has anyone ordered these  and grown them from seed? 
 Also  see in Burgess Seed&Plant Catalog these Cactus are offered as plants 
that can be ordered. Doubt they could be ordered this time of the year. Does 
anyone know? 
 Also would anyone know if Burgess seed Co. has a Web site?
 Anyone care to offer any information on these??
 (Upstate S.C.)