Re: [gardeners] Holiday shopping

David G. Smith (
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 17:11:37 -0500

I have a book I'd recommend as a coffee table book with content -- The
Random House Book of Vegetables by Roger Phillips and Martyn Ryx.  It
doesn't give much detail on how to grow the plants, but the pictures are
great and the text is interesting.

Not a lot going on in the garden here -- supposed to be in the 20's
tonight.  Sometime I should turn under the remains of the garden and some
leaves but I guess there's no hurry.  Maybe one of those warmish January
days when it seems so long til spring.


At 02:29 PM 12/11/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Miz Anne and I went out yesterday afternoon and pretty much finished our
>holiday shopping. Went to the local manufacturer's outlet mall. Bought
>the kids and grandkids some clothing at very good prices and she bought
>me a "Green Man" plaque to hang in my herb garden (we have been married
>so long we pick out our own gifts). Unfortunately she hasn't made up her
>mind yet what she wants.
>Anyway, while in the outlet mall I wandered, by design, into the
>discount book store and poked around for an enjoyable half hour or so.
>Scored a revised and updated copy of "Carrots Love Tomatoes" for our
>gardening daughter. Every where I've shopped for that book, even on
>line, it has been priced at least at $12.95. I got it for $5.00, in
>softcover of course. Figured what the hey, bought two copies, one for
>the daughter and one for us. The rest of the gardening books we saw were
>"coffee table" books with lots of pictures but very little content
>otherwise so we moved on. Did find some white denim overalls, Wrangler
>brand, for $10.00 a pair so got a couple of pair. I don't wear jeans any
>more (if you saw my figure you would understand why - sorta apple
>shaped) and the overalls (overhauls around here) do a good job of
>holding all my screwdrivers, hammers, etc when I'm working around the
>house and then hold trowels, etc when in the garden. In the summer I can
>wear them southern white trash style - no shirt, no shoes, and stay cool
>in the garden. Miz Anne even has a couple of pair she likes to wear out
>We make these excursions rarely, just too much trouble to fight the
>traffic getting over to that mall and then wander around until you find
>what you want. Lots easier to just stay home and play in the garden
>until your clothes wear completely out and then go find some more.
>Gardening content: We have chiles (peppers for Allen) ripening in the
>greenhouse and the greenhouse tomato, a Yellow Pear, is blooming. The
>potted basil in there is growing well too. Of course the stuff left over
>from summer that is out in the gardens is still bearing because we
>haven't had a hard freeze yet. The couple of light frosts we've had just
>seem to have slowed stuff down a little.
>Hope all are well and enjoying the season.