Re: [gardeners] "Put Your Best Foot Forward Day"

penny x stamm (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 23:25:46 -0500

Why sure, George, we would like to see such a lemon!  Did
you expect your tree to bear this kind of fruit when you 
planted it...? 

My Cornell Univ Master Gardener Group held its annual 
Christmas luncheon party today. Over 70 M.G.s showed
up -- which meant that 6 people brought wine, and 63
brought home-made specialities ...  there was absolutely 
NO room on the tables for the number of dishes or

There were warm mushroom spreads, hot garden pepper
salsa, mixed veggie salsa, tiny muffins with turkey inside, 
two kinds oif mavelous salads, home-made Chinese dim sum
with dip, Mexican spreads, French spreads, cheese dips, 
marinated fresh sprimp, and a pie filled with chicken a la king!  
On the dessert table were an egg nog pie, florentines, coffee 
cake, eclairs, raisin-oatmeal cookies, cup cakes, apple cake, 
cranberry pie,  a large English trifle and more..  

One of our gals always brings her accordian, and spends the
time playing and singing the holiday songs.  After the food and the
business meeting, the folks sat down and played "Hort Jeopardy",
a game made extremely dificult by the two creators who happen to
be very well versed in technical jargon and Latin names ..  

I never did get to taste everything -- only an elephant could have --
but I did have a warm and wonderful time there with my very
dedicated and outgoing group.  May it always be that way..

Penny, NY

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