[gardeners] Friday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 17 Dec 1999 18:25:01 -0600

Went out about 5 pm to pick a few things for supper. Since I was making
turkey and bean burritos I thought some lettuce, onions, and mild chiles
would go good and Miz Anne had requested I pull a few radishes. I pulled
about 3, all about as big as golf balls and then reached in and pulled
one out that is as big as a softball. Really surprised both of us. To
bad she tossed the package but she believes I got the seed from
Pinetree. Since I got their 2000 catalog a couple of days ago I'm gonna
look and see. Also got a Liberty Seed catalog and they stock the
Kentucky Wonder green bean in the bush form. Those have been good
producers for us in the past but our local supplier of the seed went out
of business this year and no one else seems to stock them. Guess I'm
gonna have to order about a half pound of them to have on hand just in

The broccoli is harvesting size and getting bigger every day so may have
to blanch and freeze some of that. Only two of the twelve cabbages have
headed up sufficiently to make a mess so we may have some cabbage for

A beautiful day here today, up to 68F, slight breeze and lots of
sunshine. Unfortunately both of us had to work. Miz Anne subbed at one
of the elementary schools and I was stuck in the office all day
preparing papers for the first three months of 2000. Supposed to rain
tomorrow so we may be stuck indoors again. Life is good.