Re: [gardeners] Ponderosa Lemons

penny x stamm (
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 21:55:30 -0500

Hi there, Allen! 

I'm knee deep in onions, too -- there are seven 5-inch pots on my
kitchen counter, taking up an enormous amount of room, with a
great big pointsettia, a glass of rooting sweet potato vine clippings,
a stew pot filled with potting soil, and the covered compost bucket.
Absolutely NO room for the cook..!

How did I get in this pickle...? Well, I dug 'em up out of the garden
about 3 weeks ago, figuring that I would nurture them for cooking use
during the winter. Crazy idea...  It's made worse by the fact that I have
twelve 4-inch pots of annual seedlings which are getting gigantic and
flowering all over the place across the window sill. I have to move
everything in order to raise or lower the venetian blinds each day and
I keep cussing myself out -- bet you can hear me!

I brought in 2 walking onions, 2 chives, and 3 garlic chives. Then I
got to talking at the last Master Gardener's meeting and I was told that 
I should have left them in the ground over the winter.. Really..??? Oh, 
they said, they will NEVER do well on the kitchen counter!  But you
see them -- they're absolutely flourishing. The more you cut them, the
more they will grow, I was told. Do you agree...? 

It's about 25* outside at night, windchill making it 14*, but inside with
blind down all night it remains a pretty constant 58*at the window.  
During the day it warms up about 10*. 

Can't I clip them and freeze them for cooking? Seems to me that George

The Girl Scouts wanted to set up an appointment to come see my 
vegetable garden next summer, but I don't have a vegetable garden,
Jimmie does. When he feels like it. I have 9 flower beds to take care of,
instead.  Jim's the kind of gardener who grows head lettuce under a
beach umbrella in July. And when he sends me out to harvest his
stuff, I eat up the entire crop, right there in the garden. Cannot
The only thing that's ever made it into the kitchen were the cukes -- and
they had an Eastern States virus so they all bent in the middle and
grew upwards, like a boomerang.  I even eat the scallions up!  And of
course, the Sweet 100s. And ALWAYS the raspberries. I think Disney
ought to make a movie out of our efforts..

It's sleeting here, brrrr...  Does anyone have a good recipe for a hearty
minestrone-type soup..? 

Penny, NY

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