Re: [gardeners] Merry Christmas

margaret lauterbach (
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 06:58:22 -0700

> The garden is doing well (in pots) at a number of friends houses down in
North Carolina.
> I'll be finished school in Louisiana the end of February. Having a great
time, but looking forward to getting back home.
> Will be heading back up to North Carolina/Virginia in March to pick out a
small lot and start a new garden. Will probably need to put a small house
on it too ;-)
> I really only need about 400 sq feet of dry living space. What I *really*
want is about 1200 sq feet of *greenhouse* space.
> Biggest hassle will be to find a lot with zoning that will allow
something like that. I might be able to get away with a trailer/greenhouse
combo, but have no real use/desire for a trailer. Would be much happier
with a 10 x 20 storage type shed anchored to the ground for hurricanes.  I
could add a composting toilet and water/electric to it and be more than
>Meryy Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy Haunaka,
>Matt Trahan 
>USDA zone 8, North Carolina/Virginia coast

Matt, check the laws to see if they allow "grey water" as well as
composting toilets. Also, you may have to get special permission and pay a
fee to live in a trailer or non-house. Be very careful selecting your site
as far as these kinds of laws are concerned. I know you'll select on the
basis of soil, sun and water, so you need no reminder there. Have a nice
visit with George, Anne and Sleepy...

And have happy holidays and a wonderful and prosperous new life...Best
regards, Margaret L