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Sat, 25 Dec 1999 11:54:39 EST

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<< Skunks! Barb Dorsett, there's a meaningful new collection for you to get
into! Imagine a whole Christmas tree trimmed with...oh, forget it. A
knickknack shelf unit covered with little black and white critters? I'll
bet you could find Pepe Le Pew in an antique store...Margaret L

My husband has the largest skunk collection that we know of. Some of his 
things I do pick up at antique stores. Some things I see are out of the 
budget though. 
I received from my father a Scotts brand lawn broadcaster. That is my New 
Years resolution - to get my lawn looking half way decent. I also got a 
beautiful stand for my gazing globe. My father lives a little bit out in the 
country and we saw a coyote romping in the back field that buts up into his 
back yard.

Kris p  IL