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bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 09:09:00 -0600

We had fried eggs, bacon, grits, toast, milk and OJ this morning. NOTHING got mixed
other than the sugar and butter on the grits and maybe a few pieces of bacon.

    My word people! If you mix your grits with eggs and whatever else is on the plate
you just ain't slopped enough hogs! Even seen hog slop? Get a plate full of food and
mix it all together. Now you have a idea at least but you still don't have the true
educational experience of it all. Just hard to add the sour and pig poop smell when
the food is fresh like that. Slop a few pigs though and I promise you those smells
will just pop right  into you snoz next time you mix all your food up like that.
     On a gardening note maybe some people just like to get the plate all mixed up
and ready for the composting stomach.

zone 7a
aka " Ranchmama "
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From: "Harry Boswell" <hboswell@netdoor.com>

> On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, penny x stamm wrote:
> > I know somebody else who mixes scrambled eggs, bacon  and butter into the grits.
Is that allowed, or should i lock the door against her...?
> >
> Scrambled eggs should be served beside the grits, never mixed with. Naturally, some
>inadvertent mixing will occur on the plate.  This is considered Darwinian, and as
such >is perfectly fine.  But to deliberately combine the two before serving is
> Thanks,
> Harry