Re: [gardeners] grits

penny x stamm (
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 12:31:29 -0500

Hmmnn.... Harry, my friend (from North Carolina) sometimes 
places the grits on the plate, then puts the scrambled eggs on top, 
and finishes off with crumbled bacon over.  Alternatively, she
simply scrambles the whole thing together (with cooked grits). 
I guess some people are not purists....

Yes, of course it's ok to order roses now. They won't be delivered
until spring. Furthermore, they may be out of stock by spring,
with everyone poring over the catalogs du

On Wed, 29 Dec 1999 08:10:27 -0600 (CST) Harry Boswell
<> writes:
>On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, penny x stamm wrote:
>> .
>> I know somebody else who mixes scrambled eggs, bacon
>> and butter into the grits. Is that allowed, or should i lock the 
>> against her...?
>> Penny, NY
>Scrambled eggs should be served beside the grits, never mixed with.
>Naturally, some inadvertent mixing will occur on the plate.  This
>is considered Darwinian, and as such is perfectly fine.  But to
>deliberately combine the two before serving is taboo.
>On a gardening note, is there any reason I shouldn't order some
>old roses now?
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