Re: [gardeners] New Years Day

margaret lauterbach (
Sat, 01 Jan 2000 12:34:04 -0700

At 12:12 PM 1/1/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Didn't even get out of bed until 0900 this morning. Neighbor three doors
>west was shooting off very large fireworks from about 10:30 last night
>until about 1 am. My yard and rooftop are littered with bits of burnt
>cardboard and paper today. Finally called the cops on him when some
>leaves in the next door neighbors yard caught on fire. Our town has a no
>fireworks ordnance but is loosely enforced. I think the police wrote
>this guy a ticket for a couple of hundred bucks and confiscated his
>fireworks. The police sergeant told me that the man and his guests were
>pretty drunk. I'm amazed no buildings burned and that the owner of the
>fireworks wasn't burned. These things were like professional fireworks,
>shoot a ball about 100 feet up and then that exploded and sent secondary
>fireworks in all directions whistling and exploding and sending bright
>sparks all over. I think I'm gonna have a visit with the city council at
>the next meeting and ask that the ordnance be enforced rigidly. Miz Anne
>and I were pretty scared and stayed outside with a hose and nozzle ready
>in the event anything lit off. Guess, in retrospect, that I should have
>turned him in as quick as he started.
>Supper today will be some very lean pork steaks with stir fried cabbage
>and black-eyed peas on the side. May your year be filled with joy and
>all your flowers bloom.
Word was out a couple of weeks ago that NBC was going to "cover" Boise's
New Year's Eve celebration. Those of us with sense decided to stay home.
Terrorists? There's a public forum for you. Well, they "counted down" the
last sixty seconds with a line of hot air balloonists, each turning on the
light and heat per second. I think NBC may have taken a feed from the
locals of the balloonists' countdown. They had "family fun" -- no hootch --
(the Mayor's a Mormon) so whole families were downtown for many hours.
Cranky kids and all. Wow, that's an auld acquaintance I'd just as soon
skip. They started the fireworks after midnight, and the reverberations
sounded like we were under attack. Couldn't even see the fireworks, thanks
to a heavy inversion. From the ski area uphill about 25 miles, the cloud
layer looks thick enough to walk on. The calender did not require my
assistance or attendance to move on, thank God.  Now brace yourselves for a
whole year of "millenial" hype. Margaret L