Re: [gardeners] firecrackers

Allen and Judy Merten (
Sun, 02 Jan 2000 13:46:09 -0600

    It happens every time that fireworks are sold. Two of the worst
offenders are also continuous nuisances when it comes to loud music. Our
house is over 800 yards from the offenders. The music actually rattles
the windows in our house. It is particularly disturbing to my next door
neighbor who is in her 80's. She is a few hundred feet closer to the
source. I have some trees as a buffer. The noise comes to Mary straight
across a pasture with nothing to buffer the noise.
    We have called the sheriffs dept. on numerous occasions. The
offenders are illegal immigrants, they do not have a septic tank, house
hold wastes run out on the ground. The health dept. will not enforce the
regulations against them. The sheriffs dept. has never made an arrest.
They have several vicious dogs that have attacked kids on bikes, and
other dogs. They do not have as many dogs as they used to have. I have
shot several that have attacked my dogs on my property. One little girl
was bitten severely on the leg. The county had no dog laws at the time.
The girl's father later shot two of the dogs. The wetback wanted the
sheriffs dept. to arrest the father. I got in the middle of that one,
some other neighbors joined in and no arrests were made. The wetback
threatened the girl's father, another neighbor and me in front of the
deputy. When we asked the deputy to arrest this guy for threatening to
shoot us he refused. If this kind of deal keeps up, someone will get
shot one of these days.
    Once again money talks. The wetback is foreman on one of the big
ranches in Bastrop County. The rancher also owns a lot of commercial
property in the county.
    This wetback understands the danger to other peoples property, he
just doesn't give a damn. One of his son's is so bad that the school bus
driver refused to pick him up anymore. She was told to pick him up or be
fired. She quit driving the bus. One of the things she objected to was
the boy grabbing her breasts while she was driving. My son would be in
    Something bad is going to come of this one of these days.

penny x stamm wrote:

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> Allen & George, I would also be having an unbelievable fit if my
> neighbors were endangering my property... It is impossible to
> believe that they do not understand the dangers involved.
> Does this also happen on the 4th of July...?
> I can only hope that you will both find a solution before the next
> celebration.
> Penny, NY
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