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And what of Immigration?
Turn in the wet back and the employer maybe?

Dangerous dogs ? Long range target practice is sometimes the only thing to do. More
than likely the troublesome owner won't even know who did it. We have had to nail
nuisance animals at 400 yards before. Shouldn't have to do it but better than someone
getting hurt when you don't.

I believe you can also get together with someone and bring them to court. Whatever
you can think of you can get them for do it. If the wetbacks employer owns the house
aren't there laws for nuisance houses?

I am sure there are some more redneck things that are totally unheard of in civilized
people but are sometimes used to settle problems in a reasonably safe but effective
way that can be done if it is truly to the point of being a unsafe area to even live
in. But we won't talk about things like that. I do know a few years back 2 or 3
people about 4 miles west of us were burned out. Some was just a barn others more
serious. These same people are the ones you always heard about that was dishonest and
known for ripping people off in some way. I guess they REALLY did something somebody
didn't like! LOL
      It won't be long from the sounds of things that somebody takes care of things
and you  won't ever know who did it but the problem will sure be taken care of! Let's
just hope in the mean time your family is safe and can avoid troubles. Maybe the next
time somebody else's fireworks will land on the bad guys house or somebody's trash
will get out when the wind is blowing the right direction. It has happened before.

zone 7a
aka " Ranchmama "
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>     Two of the worst offenders are also continuous nuisances when it comes to loud
music. Our house is over 800 yards from the offenders. The music actually rattles
> the windows in our house
>     We have called the sheriffs dept. on numerous occasions. The
> offenders are illegal immigrants, they do not have a septic tank, house
> hold wastes run out on the ground. The health dept. will not enforce the
> regulations against them. The sheriffs dept. has never made an arrest.
> They have several vicious dogs that have attacked kids on bikes, and
> other dogs. If this kind of deal keeps up, someone will get
> shot one of these days.
>     Once again money talks. The wetback is foreman on one of the big
> ranches in Bastrop County. This wetback understands the danger to other peoples
>property, he just doesn't give a damn. One of his son's is so bad that the school
> driver refused to pick him up anymore. One of the things she objected to was
> the boy grabbing her breasts while she was driving. My son would be in
> juvy.
>     Something bad is going to come of this one of these days.
> Allen