Re: [gardeners] Amaryllis gives hope

margaret lauterbach (
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 08:04:15 -0700

>We've grown amaryllis from seed but didn't deliberately cross pollinate
>to see what we would get. Miz Anne is just naturally thrifty. We dig the
>bulbs up every 2-3 years and take the natural increase from the bulblets
>to make the bed a little bigger. Most of our amaryllis make seed pods
>and we then either plant them in pots to see what we'll get or just
>plant the seeds on the hillock where the amaryllis grow. Should be very
>easy to pollinate them but you would have to keep a cover on the flower
>to prevent insects from cross pollinating from an unwanted color.
George, have you kept track of how long from seed to blossom? Someone asked
me a few years ago, and the only source I could find said it was about 7
years. That seems to be extreme. Thanks, Margaret