Re: [gardeners] Bee/wasp ??

Dan Dixon (
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 14:19:00 -0600

Byron Bromley at wrote:

> I am looking for the name of a bee/wasp wasp I observed this past summer.
> The one I saw placed a young cabbage looper in a 1/4 round hole and then
> filled it with mud.
> I did not mind it's actions, I did mind that the hole was the input to an
> air tool.

LOL. :)
> I would like to try to find out if this bee/wasp would use pine boards.? I
> have plent of scapes and would drill a bunch of holes and hang them out.

Sounds like some kind of thread-waisted wasp. Very beneficial. They
frequently use old nests or other pre-existing holes for raising larvae. I
would think holes in pine would be acceptable to them, but they might prefer
metal tubes more. The size of the holes is probably important to the wasps,

Dan Dixon