Re: [gardeners] Daiqueris

penny x stamm (
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 00:02:14 -0500

My goodness, Ron, you have been missing a long time! 

It is a pinch and a pleasure to hear of your garden successes --
just think of us, with snow predicted for Thursday...  Of course we
both love snow in its turn, but definitely NOT just plain old dreary

What is a membrysantum...? 

Pulling out of the driveway today, I could see that both of the carnation

plants in the big flower bed are fully developed and appear ready to set
buds -- now that's a great big farce, for winter hasn't even started yet!

The only thing that should be perfectly happy would be the winter
if I had any.. They are bred with a thicker stem, and can withstand even 
being buried under the snow.  The other surprise this year has been the
firethorn which is covered with clusters of berries, and makes the side
the garage a blaze of orange -- very handsome indeed.  Otherwise we
are a baren desert.  We don't start planting until May 29th. 

I would love to share your recipe for the daiqueries -- even if we have
settle for lime juice..

Penny, NY  

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