Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the Igloo

penny x stamm (
Mon, 17 Jan 2000 00:53:44 -0500

Allen, very much appreciated your description of the family day
down at Dad's... There aren't many such days we can remember --
lock this one in your Happy Memory Folder.....

Right now at midnight it is  -25* outside with the wind-chill, and
the wind gusting at 40mph is tearing the world apart. It's a
frightening sound, reminding us that nature is more powerful 
than we could ever be.  I bundled up and went outside in last
week's wind storm to rescue 7 big garbage pails and drag  them
inside the garage.  Tonite I simply said no thanks. Let them blow
to Kingdom Come. 

I did receive one piece of thrilling news tonite..:  The whole Nasa
Internet program which had been closed down 2 weeks ago will 
now be continued in private hands, and is back on line!  

Penny, NY 

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