Re: [gardeners] Hi gang

George Shirley (
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 18:19:15 -0600

Craig Watts wrote:
> Snow here in N.C. today. Time to go dig up some carrots. (so good under
> snow).
> Penny- too funny the fire story! I just go out side and take it as the fire
> clears the snow of the grill.
> George- sounds like you broke the shear pin on your mower. Not to tough to
> get to. Believe it or not, those engines won't run without a blade on the
> mower. With a broken shear pin it acts the same. Turn it over and see if
> the blade spins freely
> Take care.
> Craig Watts  (long time observer)

Nope, turned out to be the adapter that was put on with the new blade
and the cup washer. Cost 1.20 for parts and 7.50 for labor and it runs
good. No sheer pin on the Briggs and Stratton engine that's on there
expect for a key at the top.