Re: [gardeners] Hi gang

Ron Hay (
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 07:11:42 -0800

Good morning, Craig,

I almost missed your post because it went WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to the top of my old
mail, with a post date of 1980. Were you aware your missive arrived 20 years
late? :)


Craig Watts wrote:

> Snow here in N.C. today. Time to go dig up some carrots. (so good under
> snow).
> Penny- too funny the fire story! I just go out side and take it as the fire
> clears the snow of the grill.
> George- sounds like you broke the shear pin on your mower. Not to tough to
> get to. Believe it or not, those engines won't run without a blade on the
> mower. With a broken shear pin it acts the same. Turn it over and see if
> the blade spins freely
> Take care.
> Craig Watts  (long time observer)