Re: [gardeners] pomegranate proof

penny x stamm (
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 01:05:17 -0500

Did anybody get to see the full moon eclipse tonite...? We are
having a bit of weather problem, here on the east coast near NYC.
First snow today, and Jimmie was out there for two hours shoveling
and smiling and shoveling some more...  Oh, excuse me -- that was
the third time he was out there! 

Problem is that we are expecting daughter #3 in from St.Louis in
the morning, and LaGuardia Airport is three hours behind schedule
with flights.......     The family will be driving from out of town to
celebrate Jimmie's 78th birthday this weekend, but since the snow
has stopped temporarily, we hope that the roads will be cleared. 
The far end of Long Island got 8 inches of snow, and as the weather
man said, they have had such warm winters for a few years that they 
have forgotten how to drive defensively on snow and ice, so there are
an awful lot of accidents out there.  It's all in the hands of the gods,

My three pot roasts are snug as can be in the trunk of my car, all cooked
and sliced and ready to go. With the thermometer standing at 15*, I let
the auto manufacturer provide the auxiliary refrigerator, why not? At
the raccoons can't get in there! 
I proved without a doubt this afternoon that pomegranate juice tastes 
exactly like cranberry juice!  I used my old-fashioned glass orange
juicer, as promised, and squeezed a half of a real pomegranate, and
strained the juice. The procedure was not efficient, however. Many of
the pomegranate seeds refused to make contact with the juicer -- so
if one is in dire need of some pomegranate juice, I would suggest 
visiting a far-Eastern grocery store, to find it. Or -- and I'm not
kidding --
just use cranberry juice.  Did you know that Ocean Spray puts out a 
12 oz can (like a Coke) of concentrate which can stay on your closet 
shelf until you suddenly decide that you want some...?  What will they 
think of next ...<sigh>.....

Friday afternoon I'll have to assemble the 3 Baked Alaskas, and I
only have 8 qts of ice cream!  Drats, I goofed... 

Penny, NY 

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