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Kathy Kennedy (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 10:50:35 -0600

I had an excellent, cloudless view of the eclipse and it was great!!!

A friend locked her keys inside her (running) van after a cub scout meeting
that had run very late, a bit after 9:00 pm.  My husband, 8-year-old son and
I fooled around a while in the very cold parking lot, then drove her and her
3 young kids to their house to help break in.  By the time a window was
opened enough for a skinny 6-year-old to slide in, the eclipse had begun.

We watched the moon as we rode to our own home, and about half of the moon
was eclipsed by the time we pulled into our driveway. The partial eclipse
lasted about an hour, then, Voila!, the total eclipse.

Did you notice the orangish tint in the dark part of the eclipse?  This
became more yellow as the eclipse proceeded.  Fascinating!   Then as the
total eclipse period ended and the second partial eclipse began, bright
"normal moon" light appeared in the lower left part of the circle -- the
area which become black first.  I woke my son from a deep sleep and bundled
him up and took him out to see it again, but wasn't really sure if he was
awake enough to take it in.

I had read that this very eclipse was expected to be uncommonly visible in
my part of the world because  no major volcanic eruptions had just recently
occurred  ---  Mount Pinatubo's ashes clouded our view of the last total
lunar eclipse.  Missouri is a long way from any volcano, by the way.
--Kathy K, Missouri

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> Did anybody get to see the full moon eclipse tonite...? We are
> having a bit of weather problem, here on the east coast near NYC.
> First snow today, and Jimmie was out there for two hours shoveling
> and smiling and shoveling some more...  Oh, excuse me -- that was
> the third time he was out there!