Re: [gardeners] Welcome

Seana Ames (
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 08:18:14 MST

Hi, yourself Matt,
Thanks for the welcome.  Do you know another Seana Ames?  This is the first 
list I've ever belonged to.  I only know a few other people who spell their 
name the way I do.  It suprises me that there is another one with the same 
last name in the same area.
The weather here has been beautiful. We're not too cold yet.
I know people who live closer to downtown that have Rose of Sharon.  They 
looked like they did pretty well here.  Sometimes I wonder if some of the 
things like the Rose of Sharon do okay closer to downtown because of all the 
blacktop holding the heat.
I never can believe that it really is zone 5 here, but thats what all the 
garden catalogs say.  Every few winters it seems like we're closer to zone 3 
or some thing & then the rest of the time it seems much milder than zone 5.
Good luck with your driving school.


Hi Seana,
  Welcome to the list. I remember your posts on the G&G list a few years 
ago. Right now I'm down in Morgan City, Louisiana for 5 months for 
commercial diving school. Looking forward to visiting George Shirley some 
time in February.
  I always wondered how the rose of sharon did. Did they survive your 

Take care and stay warm :-)
Matt Trahan
northeast North Carolina, USDA zone 8

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