Re: [gardeners] Jim's party

penny x stamm (
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 15:33:36 -0500

Oh. heaven's yes, Margaret -- I do Greek cooking with great pleasure!

Spanikopita is yummy -- but not the same thing as bites of creamed
spinach with a good touch of garlic, broiled in a fresh mushroom cap...

I'm fixing Kota Tiri Se Filo tonight, as a matter of fact, because we are
locked in with this horrendous nor'easter storm, and my poor daughter
cannot get back to St.Louis and her family...  I'm also baking her 
favorite Sand Tortes, just to keep up her morale.  

Meanwhile, Old Jim-Young Jim is outside shoveling. He is having an
absolute blast!  We could get up to 18" of snow with this storm, but
I only expect half of that right here....   and Jim will have removed
snow flake in sight, even if there is more coming down on his head, as
he shovels!  Aaah, youth .....

Penny, NY

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